Keeping Up With The Kardashians S09E19

Anonymous asked: How do you get over presenting projects in school??

It may sound silly but practise presenting them to yourself at home in a mirror it’ll make yourself feel more comfortable and memorise key parts what you’re speaking about so you’re not constantly looking at the project, wear an outfit that you feel confident and like a bad ass bitch in haha, focus on a spot between the wall and ceiling so it looks like you’re staring at the room but really you can pretend no one is in the room and that’s all I can think of that I used to do, sorry they’re all rubbish! But if anyone else has tips feel free to share them:) xx

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Why is it always ‘sex tape’ that Kim is known for when they do a comparison of celebrities? How about mother, wife, daughter, sister or actual business woman? Something actually worth noting and making a big deal over rather than a ridiculous tape she made years ago with someone who she loved and obviously trusted at the time..

Anonymous asked: do you know why there wasn't an episode of kuwtk this week? xx

It was the Emmys last night :) xx

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians S09E18

Anonymous asked: do you have s9 e15,not the link for now video. Do you have another link,please xx

Is that one alright?xx

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Anonymous asked: the link of the epi 16 it's not working, pls post another
There you go x

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