The Kim Kardashian game is taking over my life, I was late for work this morning because I was too engrossed in the game and missed my work stop by 3 stops 😖

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians - Season 9, Episode 14 (S09E14)

Anonymous asked: When does ep 13 come out and can you post links to watch on your phone

Sorry it’s late everyone, I’ve just had the worst weekend of my life and I’ve barely had a chance to look at my phone! This one should work mobile though x

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Anonymous asked: I've only just started watching kuwtk and I started on season 9 and I was just hoping you could fill me in on vaguely what really happened to Lamar? Your links are so helpful also thank you x

Ooo welcome to the craziness that is KUWTK haha. 
Well he just had a lot of issues before he met Khloe, his Mum and Grandma both died when he was young & his father was a drug addict so he never had the best upbringing, which impacted him later on in life so much that he started taking drugs and then cheating on Khloe, & one night when he was high he made a rap video with his best friend Jamie where he admitted to cheating, but somehow that video got publicized and went pretty viral.

But you’re welcome! Thank you for using my blog, if you find any links don’t work I’ll try my best to fix it for you x

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Anonymous asked: What do you think of Pia Mia?

I used to have such strong feelings of dislike for her but now I generally forget all about her lol. I don’t think she’s a bad person I think she just has high goals and wasn’t afraid to step on people and use them to get to where she needed to be and get the exposure. She is incredibly talented though! Even if some (most) of her fashion choices I find incredibly tacky haha


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Anonymous asked: is it just me or do you think the latest series a lot more staged than usual? i know the earlier series are staged to some extent, but it seems way more now!

I agree 100%, obviously they have to give it some entertainment value, but it feels like it’s all been filmed to keep people talking. It’s a shame because the old seasons were the most entertaining because it had that authentic feeling. x

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Anonymous asked: Isn't it weird that kendall did a happy birthday post for Penelope on Instagram & twitter but didn't post anything for Nori's birthday?

I don’t think it’s weird, but Kim&Kanye have been a lot more careful with North, like I’ve noticed only Kim really posts photos of her face unless they’re very rare paparazzi photos but Kourtney & Scott have been a little more open with Mason/Penelope. I’m sure she’s just respecting the wishes of Kim and Kanye. X

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