Anonymous asked: deal with it link please? :) not in a rude way

I can’t actually find one, all of the links I’ve clicked on so far have just been spam :\ I’ll keep looking and post one though :) 

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Anonymous asked: That anon was so rude, it's not your responsibility to supply links for them, you are doing us a favour! Don't stress if they don't work, I still appreciate you doing it at all, so thank you!

i love you! thank you. this just cheered me up :) thank you for still using my blog and sending me this message!
I appreciate the comment behind the message, I fully admit my blog has slipped and I am trying to get it back on form i’ve just updated all kuwtk links but you know… image

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Anonymous asked: You don't enjoy being here on tumblr do you? Btw on my Laptop every link DOES work so the anon should check out his Laptop lol

It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just becoming more of a chore for me to keep it updated straight away, rather than a fun place to be able to talk about the Kardashians with my friends and things and be an ‘archive’ as such for the shows lol. That’s all I ever wanted my blog to be lol

and LOL, i love you! I’m going through some of the links now and most of them work for me too, I’ve changed maybe 9 out of the first 7 seasons lol. ah well, can’t please everyone ;)

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Anonymous asked: Loads of your links don't work any more. There so many that it would take ages to list them all. I always have to end up googling the episode so your blog is kinda pointless unless you sort it out

okkkk, sorry I have a real life and responsibilities now so I can’t really click through 100+ links on a regular basis to check for bum links, which is why I do appreciate when people send me a message telling me about bad links. something had to give and unfortunately it’s this blog lol, I probably won’t be able to ‘sort it out’ straight away, it’ll take a few days so I understand if anyone unfollows or anything