Anonymous asked: In response to the anon saying that they are from Ireland and that that word isn't bad there I was wondering whether they were in fact black or white. I myself am black and from London - so personally if you are not black (African American) how can you determine whether that word is offensive or not? I am in the camp of no-one black or white should ever use that word there is NO reason to. Anyone who does is ignorant !

I am in the camp of no-one black or white should ever use that word there is NO reason to.

Preach it.

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The Kim Kardashian game is taking over my life, I was late for work this morning because I was too engrossed in the game and missed my work stop by 3 stops 😖

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians - Season 9, Episode 14 (S09E14)

KUWTK S9 E12 - July 6, 2014


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Anonymous asked: What do you think of the incident of Kim and her sextape and if she have changed or not?

Honestly I’ve never really thought negative about it, she’s not the first person to have a sex tape and she most certainly won’t be the last but at the time when it was released nothing like that had really happened (aside from one night in Paris lol), but at the end of the day it’s a mistake she’s learnt from and now has a bank account of millions that she has built herself, not many other people would be able to say that if something so negative were to happen to them lol.

But yeah I think she has changed a lot since then, she was a lot younger and naive, something like that can either make you or break you and she used it to make her a much stronger person. 

I wish that’s one thing people would stop using against her, calling her a ‘porn star’ and a ‘whore’ or whatever other insults they use, at the end of the day having sex is a completely natural thing, some people film it, some people don’t, she’s not a bad person, she just made a bad choice.

You anon? :)

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Anonymous asked: Do you have another link for episode 11? It didn't work for me x

That should work :) x

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